Tuesday, September 25, 2018

hour of code

I got this certificate for achieving the hour code i got a lot of help by my friends but i kinda helped them a lot the game i was playing is Alice in wonder land.
it was a really cool game so i hope you like my Achievement.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Hook Story

WALT: Write an amazing hook that will capture my audiences interest. SUCCESS CRITERIA: I will have. An interesting hook - Ask a question or use figurative language. Write 3-4 sentences or 1 paragraph. Use vivid verbs. What to do? Do I go or do I stay? I looked at my everyone, zipping around racing to get their bags packed, organising last minute things. Not me. I couldn’t even be bothered. “Are you packed Manaaki-Tia? Hurry up!” growled mum. “Ah, sure ok.” You see we were heading to Auckland. I hate travelling. It’s boring. Dad had a meeting at my Uncle’s house. I was pretty excited to see my family though. So we packed all of our bags and jumped in the car and drove to Auckland. But first, we needed gas. Don’t want to break down you know. Those two hours dragged. I thought we’d be almost there, but no. With all the stops and back roads, we we’re only in Whangarei. Fast forward three hours we had arrived at our destination. “Yo! We’re in Auckland” I yelled. There was a cool surprise waiting at my uncle's house for me and my sisters…. my cousins Kaiya, Judah and Tobra. I hadn’t seen them in what felt like AGES. It’s only been a month, but to me that’s ages. I ran inside and hugged them all. I was so so so happy and excited. Even more happy that we decided to come to Auckland

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

My Blog Post Data!

Comment of the week!

Kia ora Laviniah,
it's Manaaki-Tia here
um I really like that comment but maybe you could have made it longer. you could of made like a connection with her but nice try. I hope you learn how to blog comment your getting there but for now blog you later.

Rongoa Maori