Wednesday, June 14, 2017

when I went to Wellington.

1.WALT give and respond to feedback from our friends(sp,?punc,great w/s)
2.WALT use variety of sentence types simple,compound,complex(Level 4 adverb beginning
Yayyyyy On a Sunny holiday my Dad said “do you’s want to come to Wellington for the holidays?” I
 said yes and my sister said yes to but I didn’t want her to come. Anyways When me my Dad and mysister were in Wellington It was so cool to see all of the statutes it was so amazing.We got to Wellington airport and guess what? there was hardly anyone there but some airport people were. I kept on running around and around and around. Then I nearly got in trouble it was so Funny we waited for probably about one Hour for my Dad’s friend to pick us up. Eventually he turned up we got to our amazing hotel and amazing pool. The next day we got to the Museum and It looked like it was a giant house. When we went in I was so full of joy. First we went and saw some Gallipoli statutes about A.N.Z.A.C Wars. After that we went and seen the sea Mountains exhibition and some sea creatures. Later on that day we went to watch a movie.We went and watched the Despicable Me after that we went to kmart and bought some Clothes. Then we went to the pizza shop and bought yummy pizza’s later we went back to our hotel and we woke up to the next day.Then in the morning We went back to te papa and we went to the cafe there was yummy stuff like blueberry muffins and pies and yummy pizza’s I keeped on running around and hiding away but then I got lost but then I found my sister and my dad said my dad and sister “said don’t run away again” but it was funny anyways it began getting darker and darker and darker I will never forget that day never never never…………..

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

te reo maori i am focusing on my maori words so come down and see.

I have been learning about te reo maori  words and how to tech others I had to find the maori words in the maori dictionary.

Do you like solving problems? Well, I do too.

This week I have been learning to share my thinking by using words materials,/or pictures. I am doing this so what I know can be used on other and myself Also what others know I can learn from you too if I made a mistake please tell me and i will know that i have did a mistake

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How can you find locations on a grid?

last week I was learning about grid coordinates and how to plot them. I am going to teach them to you how to do it. THis is the DLO I made, I hope you can learn too.