Friday, December 1, 2017


this week we have been learning about FRACTIONS. I think I was really successful at doing this the hardiest thing about this was making sure that I have done this good and not fail this was a really fun thing to do. we have leaning what a denominator is and a numerator I hope you enjoy this video and learn from it....

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

my Business plan.......

HI everyone! This is my market day business plan. Me an my friends have been writing this out for weeks. I did this because Its a plan for what me and my friends are selling. What I found really hard was trying to find out what we are going to do for our business plan.Our market day is on the first of December 2017 we would like anyone to come down hope to see you there.

slime budget.

WALT understand the basics of business

To be successful we will:

Lists our costs and expenses
Know how many services/products we will see before we begin to make a profit

Green means it is sorted

Jobs on the day
Sign person.
Sign person.
Decorator. 🏇

Who is getting it
How much their getting
How much in the container or box.
Rangi and Zeph and Manaaki
Rangi 4,Manaaki buying 2 bring zeph 4
500ml  including Manaaki-tia glue
Food colour
Manaaki and Kaya
Manaaki 4pk,Kaya
Floam beads
Te hanah
1 bag
Shaving foam

Rangimarie has some at home for free and sorted
Manaaki-tia/ Rangimarie
Manaaki-tia bring 12
Rangimarie jars 100g
Bowls and stuff


Total expense:$25.70
We sell them for 2.00 each
We need to sell at least 15 to make a profit
Jar 100ml
Glue 500ml
We have 10 glue and 51 jars
1 glue bottle can fill 5 jars

it's slime time.......

W.A.L.T create adverts for our market day. I think I was really successful. Because I used big words light colours for my backgrounds and Instrumental music (what means no singing just the beat) so If there is a mistake then can you please tell me.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

this week me and my friend have been learning about compatible numbers. the hardest thing about this is that when you learn about hard numbers you start to get confused. we hope you enjoy this DLO. :)

Thursday, November 9, 2017

would you like to learn about maths.

this week We have been learning how to know the different ways we represent numbers. the hardiest thing about doing this was trying to do lots of big numbers. and what I found easy was how to record and how to post. my next step is to come up with bigger and harder numbers. please tell me if me and my buddy have wrong numbers. hope you all enjoy numbers.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

the 9 parts of speech

this week we are learning about the 9 parts of speech this is my groups DLO.I think think this was very easy to work out but I think we were very successful at doing this DLO.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

did you kids in china have to work for 5 to 7 hours......

WALT proof-read our work to make improvements
To be successful we will:

  1. Carefully read it to check each sentences makes sense
  2. Carefully read it to check each sentence begins with a capital letter and end with either a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark
  3. Add detail to parts that need it
  4. Attempt to use speech marks at the beginning and ending of direct speech
in my class I had to write a recount from the perspective (view) of a child working in a sweatshop. I chose to be a kid working in a toy factory.

what was I learning in my writing I was learning how to improve my vocabulary and how things smelt,felt, and sounded.

A day in a toy factory...
On a dark wednesday morning I wearily get out of bed and head to work.
At 2:00 am I walk into the factory” the boss said” you are so late you are working an extra 6 hours starting from now”. My hands were shaking like  a leaf on a tree but  I already could  smell disgusting and yuck toxic glue making my head have a headache .And lots of rubbish everywhere making me trip over them.
Hours later the buzzer goes off. It was time for lunch. Finally it's lunch i tiredly said to myself. But when I opened my lunch box my rice was as hard as a brick.Than the buzzer goes off time for work said” the boss. Plus i never got to eat my rice but I quickly put my rice in my mouth and went to work. When I got back to work my friend Chun almost chopped her finger but the boss didn't care.

Finally, it is 12:30 pm. I can finish work and go to sleep. I am too exhausted to work any more. I just want to leave but sadly I can't. Plus they only pay me 2$ and 50 cents and that's only what I get.

Friday, August 25, 2017

we will round you!

my class and I are learning how to round to the nearest 10s 100s and 1000s and here is a video hope you enjoy. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

rounding like a pro.

this week I am learning to round numbers to the nearest 10s 100s and 1000s,whole number and tenth

Thursday, August 10, 2017

maths/ children at the park....

Always look at the key

Last week I was learning about how important it is to read instructions properly and to look at the key in graphs.

Here are a few problems I worked on. It is important that I look at the key because if I tried to answer a question then I would always get the wrong answer for not looking at the key.
Children at the Park
Key= $ 10   key: =$5

How many children were at the park on Tuesday? 30
How many were there on Wednesday? 55
How many more children were there on  Monday than Thursday? 40

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

This is the best time of my life........

          WALT improve our writing by carefully checking our sentences and trying to add descriptive language.

I think that I need to learn more about descriptive language and how to become better at punctuation. I will try my best learning it.

                                 Going to JUMP in auckland.

Yay were going to  AUCKLAND!!! when me my  sisters and my dad .got to Auckland like at 3AM in the morning. My aunty and uncle was asleep anyways when it was

the morning. My aunty already picked my cousins up then she picked us up. after that we got to JUMP I was  getting excited and running around in the carpark. We got into JUMP and then I saw
millions of people. Yelling and playing and did you know I was one of them by the way we

had to listen to the instructions.After all that we got to jump on the trampolines we got to jump in
the foam pit. And even there were long as poles and you had to climb it it was so scary but I just

ran it after one hour we had to go my dad was waiting for me in the carpark and then we went to mcdonalds to eat because I was hungry after that we went back to my aunty’s and uncles and

played then my dad and I went to avondale to go get our toys……..Day 2…
The next day My papa and my cousins and I went to kmart to get some more toys.after

shopping at kmart my dad and my sisters and I went back to my aunty’s and uncles to get our bags and headed back to my other auntys house  to have a sleep……...Day 3………… after we went to my auntys guess what happend we had to go back home it was so boring I will never forget that day never never never…… and I wish that moment would never end I thought………….

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Stop and listen about Hazardous Waste.

we are learning to work together (collaborate) to achieve our inquiry purpose.
to be successful we will: plan our inquiry share jobs following collaborate norm rules and (no put downs,) only one speaker at a time be a good listener to each other be a salmon not a blob fish. But we had challenges.What I found hard was saying my part of the script and when I had no chrome book to look at my script and to plan my inquiry.

Here is a video about hazardous waste.

Here  is our script about Hazardous waste.

Here is our Collaborative Work.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

when I went to Wellington.

1.WALT give and respond to feedback from our friends(sp,?punc,great w/s)
2.WALT use variety of sentence types simple,compound,complex(Level 4 adverb beginning
Yayyyyy On a Sunny holiday my Dad said “do you’s want to come to Wellington for the holidays?” I
 said yes and my sister said yes to but I didn’t want her to come. Anyways When me my Dad and mysister were in Wellington It was so cool to see all of the statutes it was so amazing.We got to Wellington airport and guess what? there was hardly anyone there but some airport people were. I kept on running around and around and around. Then I nearly got in trouble it was so Funny we waited for probably about one Hour for my Dad’s friend to pick us up. Eventually he turned up we got to our amazing hotel and amazing pool. The next day we got to the Museum and It looked like it was a giant house. When we went in I was so full of joy. First we went and saw some Gallipoli statutes about A.N.Z.A.C Wars. After that we went and seen the sea Mountains exhibition and some sea creatures. Later on that day we went to watch a movie.We went and watched the Despicable Me after that we went to kmart and bought some Clothes. Then we went to the pizza shop and bought yummy pizza’s later we went back to our hotel and we woke up to the next day.Then in the morning We went back to te papa and we went to the cafe there was yummy stuff like blueberry muffins and pies and yummy pizza’s I keeped on running around and hiding away but then I got lost but then I found my sister and my dad said my dad and sister “said don’t run away again” but it was funny anyways it began getting darker and darker and darker I will never forget that day never never never…………..

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

te reo maori i am focusing on my maori words so come down and see.

I have been learning about te reo maori  words and how to tech others I had to find the maori words in the maori dictionary.

Do you like solving problems? Well, I do too.

This week I have been learning to share my thinking by using words materials,/or pictures. I am doing this so what I know can be used on other and myself Also what others know I can learn from you too if I made a mistake please tell me and i will know that i have did a mistake

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How can you find locations on a grid?

last week I was learning about grid coordinates and how to plot them. I am going to teach them to you how to do it. THis is the DLO I made, I hope you can learn too.

Friday, May 26, 2017

How do like me talking about Hazardous waste.

this week I have been learning to say my speech about Hazardous waste.
I think I was able to speak loudly and clearly.
I need to work on pausing at full stops and commas, I also have to work on changing the sound of my work

Friday, May 19, 2017

this is my Geometry.

this week i have been learning to talk about shapes. i learnt faces edges and vertices.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

These are my goal's that i am working on

Manaaki-tia’s Learning Journey

Where I am now
What I want to get to
My goals to get me there
Maths Stage 4

IKAN score 1

Basic facts
Maths Stage

IKAN score 6

Basic facts
Learn 10, 5,  3 and 4 x tables

Know the number one, ten, hundred more/less up to 1000

Skip count to solve division

Learn addition and subtraction facts to 10

Learning strategies:
Doubles + or -
Tidy numbers
Place value

Order fractions like ¼ 2/4 ¾ 4/4
Reading age
8.5 - 9.5
decoding 95%
comprehension 70%
9 - 10
decoding 96%
comprehension 80%
Independently use a variety of reading strategies when I am stuck (chunking, skipping, sounding out, looking for parts I know.

Practice reading and spelling  blends

Read books for enjoyment at home

Learn what inferring is and how to answer inferring questions.

Ask and answers while I  read.
Spelling age

Writing level

Spelling age

Writing level

Learn about the purpose and structure of persuasive writing

Practice my spelling words  Look, Say,Cover, Write,Check

Plan my writing and plan the detail for my ideas

Check that my sentences make sense and end with a full stop and begin with a capital letter.

Learn to touch type
Add what I see, think and feel
I do not yet know how to start karakia or know my pepeha
Know my pepeha
I will get family to help me learn my pepeha.
I will start karakia with the help of my friends
Physical Education
I participate in physical education and listen carefully to instructions
Physical Education
I will work towards knowing the rules of ki-o-rahi and improve my ball handling skills for games such as touch and rippa
By learning new passing drills and warm up routines

By continuing to participate and focus on the game.